Our Story

Al Khalifah Group:

Al Khalifah Group is a corporation that is inaugurated in 1995 and was aimed at serving the marine community by providing a sea – transport service under the name of Overseas Shipping & Stevedoring Company.The group continued to serve and perform services in the field of sea transportation till the year of 2017, when the group initiated its other sector of services including but not limited to the Tourism sector and the trading field, when it acquired the venture of SKY LINK Enterprises, which extends to more than one field of economy activities with various nature of industries including manufacturing, tourism services, trading and hotel management. Now the group is labelled with the name of Al Khalifah Group / Sky Link Enterprises which is located in Egypt, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Sudan.The group is based on principles to perform a First-Class service prior to any object even the commercial & financial surplus.Our employees are keen to behave with morale ne decency.Our objectives are merely to satisfy customers in all aspects no matter whether or not the group is gaining or making a profit.We are endeavoring to serve our clients of all categories and levels with the best of our efforts.

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